Sears Kenmore Appliances Suck

Over 35 years we have purchased well over 30 appliances from Sears (confirmed by their headquarters in Chicago).  Sears used to have good reliable appliances made by other manufacturers that were a superior quality under the Kenmore name.   However,  less than 10 years ago we did a complete kitchen remodel.  We purchased all Sears Kenmore appliances including a washer and dryer spending over $7000.00.  The first year of our front load washer we had the repairman here 5 times for repairs.  I contacted Sears for a replacement due to the lemon law and was told the machine didn’t qualify but I might be interested in purchasing an extended warranty.  The serviceman was here so often I had his direct phone number.  

Next appliance to go was the refrigerator.  At the age of 4 years old the ice maker died.  At age 6 the defroster in the freezer started malfunctioning.  I was defrosting the freezer at least once a month with a solid 2 inches of ice on the bottom.  It got so bad we couldn’t use the bottom shelf in the freezer.  We had several different repairman here at $$$$ and it would work properly for a month and then start again. In January of this year at the age of 8, I came home from work and there was water all over the floor and a burning smell in the house.  The whole front panel of my side by side touchfree stainless steel freezer had literally melted!!!!!

One week after the refrigerator bit the dust we were using the microwave for some popcorn.  We started to hear a loud zapping sound after a few minutes, like someone had left something metal in the microwave.  Surprise, surprise.  The microwave was smoldering and smoke was coming out of the top.  And no, it wasn’t the popcorn.  It was another wonderful Sears Kenmore Appliance.

And today after running the self cleaning cycle on the Sears Kenmore Stainless steel stove it started beeping and flashing.  Now what.  It needs a new EOC panel according to the instructions.  What is this–an electronic control.  Major $$$$$.  Thank heavens we have someone who knows how to unlock the door and make it functional.  But before this appliance blows our house up we will definitely be shopping for a new one and NOT AT SEARS.  

What used to be a good product now sucks.  I will spend more money elsewhere to avoid this company and their products.


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